EasyPnPFeeder 8mm kit without 3D printed parts


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This kit contains all you need to make a feeder, except the FDM 3D printed parts, that you need to print yourself, and a tube of grease that is available separately.

You will receive the STL files and the assembly guide after ordering.

The main controller comes programmed with the firmware. The electronics board comes populated with the SMD parts. You just need to solder the through-hole provided parts with a soldering iron.

WARNING: Works under 12 Volts, NOT 24 Volts!

PLEASE when printing your files, use PETG filament (less friction than PLA) and a nozzle of 0.4mm, and set your slicer to 100% infill and layer thickness 0.2mm.

We adjusted the tolerances of the parts for printing on the high quality Bambu Lab X1 Carbon. So if you use a low cost machine, you might experience some problems. For this reason, you might want to buy at least one assembled feeder, for your reference.

Take the time to clean your parts, remove strings and blobs, to avoid blocking the mechanism or the tape itself, and to ensure a proper match of both halves of the enclosure.

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