Power Rail for Easy PnP Feeders


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WARNING: Feeders work under 12 Volts, NOT 24 Volts!
This Power Rail allows to distribute the 12V power supply to a line of EasyPnPFeeders.
It has a 50cm pair of wires, it is 40cm long and it has a double side tape to secure it at the bottom of the upper groove of a 2020 profile.
Only one is needed for the front profile of the Lumen, and possibly one more for the REAR profile, to double your number of feeders!
The side with the wires must be placed at the right side of the front 2020 profile, to ensure the correct polarity.
If you have another machine with a larger profile, then you can use two rails side to side, but then don’t forget to swap the wires on the left side, to ensure the right polarity.
You can easily cut it to length with just a Dremel tool or similar.

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